Begüm Yalçın

Charms Company is young and powerful brand like the creator Begum Yalcin, an Istanbul native, who studied Fashion Design at the prestigious Nuova Academia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan, Italy. Soon, she realized that her passion for jewelry surpassed her passion for fashion. She decided to do what she loves in order to be successful which led her to create her jewelry brand in 2013 while continuing her studies.

The Charms Company stands out with its designs where classical elegance combines with modern lines. Designer mostly combines different sizes of baroque pearls, which became the signature of her brand with different materials such as gold, enamels and beads. The most important feature of these designs that affect every woman is that they are as simple and modern as they are striking. The jewelries are timeless, iconic, sophisticated and yet, at the same time, cool and contemporary: Begum’s designs, so to speak, belong to almost each era and style. They can be used both day and night in harmony.